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Monday, June 28, 2010

Think outside the bun box

Baby splash pad = a snow disk filled with water!

Put rolled-up towels around it so it's not so tippy, and you're good to go! It's just enough water to cool off in but no big deal of baby tips over. He can sit on his own and play and splash.

Or just play with the broken handle if he so chooses. =)


The Fischer Family said...

What a great idea Sarah! I've started putting Micah in the kids pool (we have one of the bigger collapsible pools) in his floaty. He loves to float around and splash! Carter looks like he's having a blast!

Kathy said...

Agree. What a great idea!!! You're such a good mama.

Carter is too cute for words!!!!!!

Mary said...

I've shared this idea with others because it's sooooo good! Too bad Colin will be walking next summer and I won't get to do this! haha!