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Saturday, October 30, 2010


I live in the middle of it.  So if you're around my blog long enough, you'll see a lot of pictures of it.  And our barn.  You're probably wondering by now how many pictures I'm going to take of our stinkin' barn!  LOL But it's on the west side of our property and that's where the sun sets, SO it gets to be in lots of my pictures.  And that's that.

I'm done talking about puke this week.  We're feeling better.  Kevin got it as well, so it should be done now with our family.  And hopefully soon full appetites will follow.

We finally got our lazy butts outside today.  And I was having an itch to be creative, so I got my camera out for some pictures.  It's amazing how fast the sun changes and before you know it the sun is gone.  But man, they don't call it "golden hour" for nothing!  It's so beautiful!  Every time.  And who knew combines could be pretty??  Well, I think so anyway.  Enjoy.

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Simple Life said...

I love all of your farmland pics! I love pictures of old barns and covered bridges! If I was you I would have them blown up, framed, and hanging on my walls!! Thanks for sharing!