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Friday, October 22, 2010

A few new ideas

Just some things the kids have been loving lately that I thought we'd share.  It's always fun to get some new play ideas, so if you have any, do share!

1. Give your kids gift bags.  I won a small present at my SIL's baby shower a couple weeks ago and when Hannah saw the bag (which was purple, pink, and white, all her FAVORITE colors) she asked immediately if it was hers!  So I said sure and she enjoyed carrying it around and filling it with things.  So I went to the basement where we keep dozens of old gift bags and found a shiny blue one for Eli cuz I knew he'd want to do the same.  They loved carrying them around, and giving "presents" and all sorts of things!  Something so simple brought so much delight.

2. Give your children a kids shoe box.  They're just their size.  Like the gift bags, they loved to fill them with "treasures", "presents", and it made a great pink "lunchbox" for our picnic yesterday!

3. A stick with string tied to it makes a great "fishing pole"!  A few weeks ago the kids played forever on our porch with their "fishing poles" dangling over the edge.  It was so cute!  But of course, no pictures.  =(

What have your kids been into lately??


S Club Mama said...

that's so cute!

simplelifeinsc said...

Great Ideas! You are so creative!