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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fast and Furious (Updated)

The stomach bug hit us at our house! Carter had a tummy bug Monday night and has been slowly getting over it, but then last night it hit us hard and suddenly right after AWANA.  Eli, Hannah, and I got it at almost the same time!  Nothing like simultaneous puking!  UGH!  Kevin was staying up all night anyway in transition for his working nights tonight, so he took care of EVERYTHING.  I would hear the kids but every time I tried to get up out of bed I would start to feel nauseous all over again.  So I stayed put the best I could.  About every 30 minutes someone was throwing up!  Lots of sheets, lots of towels, lots of laundry.  Is there some sort of pillow protector, like a crib pad??  If not, there should be.  

Today's going much better, thank God.  We're all still in our jammies and have been laying around watching TV ALL day, but only Eli's thrown up again and that was this morning.  We've had lots to drink and long afternoon naps and hopefully it will be a good night and this bug go away soon!  Although now Kevin's starting to feel icky but is headed into work anyway.  Praying for him tonight!

Update: Kevin got it.  Got sick at work last night and came home early.  He slept well though and wasn't up any, so that's good.  It was a quiet night from the kids.  Hannah seems to have bounced back the quickest.  She says her belly hurts but she's acting just fine and is up and playing, so I think she's probably just saying that.  Eli's not looking so great this morning and is just laying on the couch again, same as yesterday's picture.  But I'm hoping once he gets hydrated he'll perk up a little.  So far today I'm feeling well, no nausea, praise God!  So I can take care of my honey!


Mary said...

Oh that 2nd picture is just so pitiful! Poor little sweeties!
I just put a towel between the pillow and pillowcase when they're sick, per a friend's advice after I said the same thing as you!
I'll pray for you this evening!!!

Kelly said...

There is a Pillow Protector...GOt some at WalMart not too long ago... It is waterproof. They are usually over by the pillows and mattress covers!

Kathy said...

I was praying for you today when I saw you posted this on FB. We have been through that too at times and my living room looked JUST like yours - towels and blankets covering everything, buckets next to each person.... hopefully the worst is over for all of you! Hang in there Mama!

crystal said...

I hope yall all feel better soon and that Kevin does not get it. Its bad enough when the kids are sick but when momma gets sick...ughhh. But you are so blessed to have had Kevin there to take care of everything!!! Prayers for all of yall to feel better...


Simple Life said...

Ohh no.. your pics look so sad! I sure hope Kevin doesn't get it. I hope you all start feeling better soon. I will be praying for your family!

S Club Mama said...

TV & fluids will cure it all!! Hoping everyone still feels well and Kevin doesn't get sick too.