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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday Meanderings - NOV. 1

Welcome, November!  Anyone else find that hard to believe it's here already??  Just a couple weeks 'til Thanksgiving and then we roll right into Christmas and birthdays one after the next!  And my SIL's baby coming in all of that mix!  Fun fun fun!!  Oh, do you do anything to adjust the kids for the time change??  Cuz we'll set our clocks back an hour, but the kids will wake up at their same times.  For several weeks, an hour early!  Please tell me there's a way to avoid this??!  Well, then on with the week...

Bible Study... Review verses on self-control.

Memory Verse... Psalm 90:14
"Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days."

Husband Encouragement... 
♥ Get house in order.
♥ Tidy up our bedroom.
♥ Go to bed at the same time.

{Wanna know how to type hearts like that??  Type  & hearts ;  all together.  When you publish your post it'll turn to hearts. Magic! LOL}

Train Them Up... 
* Quality time with each of them, especially Eli.  I made him a Cars lapbook I can't wait to present  it to him.  And then I have to put together something for Hannah too because she'll probably be asking where hers is if Eli gets something.  =)
* Eliminate distractions.  Which will be hard since I'll have a lot of MOPS stuff to do this week.
* Library day.
* Patience, patience, patience.  And when I screw up, ask for forgiveness.

Personal Goals...  Hmm, I dunno.  Any ideas??

New Habit of the Month {NOVEMBER}
Sweep the dining room after meals.  I hate doing it again and again and again... and again in the same day. But Carter will find and eat anything that's been dropped.  LOVE the crawling stage.  Not.

MUST Do...
* Mail out.
* MOPS stuff-- postcards out, finish lesson plans, prepare crafts
* Clean out the van.
* Clean out the fridge.

Everything.  I hate how out of control the house can get if you're out of your game for even a day or two.  And it's been at least three here.

Menu -

M -beirochs
T -chicken kiev, curried rice, fruit cocktail
W - crockpot something?
Th - out of town

* Eli has preschool pictures Monday.
* MOPS planning meeting.
* Car shopping on Thursday maybe!!

3 things I'm thankful for today... 
1. We're all feeling better!
2. I'm super excited for the next 4 days!  Just glad to have Kevin home!
3. My new dishwasher.  Lovin' it.  I should name her.   =)

Wanna join in on the meandering fun??  Click HERE for guidelines, then come back and link up!  Have a great week!

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