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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Oct. 11

Just trying to get this up so others can link up but really I have a VERY busy couple of days getting ready for our next MOPS meeting!  Anyone want to help me cut out a million little circles and triangles and squares?  Just kidding, it shouldn't be TOO bad.  But seriously, my to-do list is quite hefty at the moment.  Plus I still have a cold and feel yucky and tired but can't nap because I have so many things I know I have to get done that I can't get my mind to rest.  Just a couple days though.  One thing at a time.  Starting with this...

Bible Study... ???

Memory Verse...  Psalm 73:26
"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

Husband Encouragement... 
* Clean house.
* Quiet during the day while he's sleeping.
* Let him get as much rest as possible.
* Joyful attitude.

Train Them Up... 
* Trying something new with their sippy cups.  We'll see how it works out.
* More potty time for Hannah.

Personal Goals... PRAY.

New Habit of the Month...
"One load a day, washed and away"  Ugh, did a lot of laundry done last week but I got hung up on getting it put away.  Need to buy more hangers.

MUST Do...
* Everything MOPS.
* Bills out.
* Guest room ready

Zone... All of the upstairs.

Menu - TBD

* Hanging out with friends Monday morning
* MOPS on Tuesday
* My SIL Holly is coming to visit with me Wednesday night and Thursday morning
* Thursday afternoon our family is going to the pumpkin patch
* Friday Eli has a little field trip with his preschool class, then in the afternoon we're headed to my parents for the weekend
* Saturday Kevin and I are headed off for a wedding while the kids stay with my parents

* Sunday is my dad's birthday and his church's annual Smorgasboard/fundraiser, then we'll drive back home

3 things I'm thankful for today... 
1. Holly's baby shower this past Saturday.  We're counting down these last weeks!
2. I ran into an old friend at the restaurant we were at Saturday night.
3. This beautiful weather we've been having!

Link up if you want to join in! You can read the guidelines HERE.  Have a blessed week!

1 comment:

S Club Mama said...

alright my "experienced" mama friend, potty training tips from Eli? I'm so clueless and feel so discouraged.

I hope you feel better. It's not fun to be sick ever. :(