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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our new deck!

While Kevin's family was here and his dad was here to help he got the new deck put at our place. It's nothing extravagant because it's just a townhouse and a small area, but it still takes a lot of planning and hard work. So I'm very proud of my husband and what he's accomplished! I think it looks great and wanted to show it off!


In progress

The end!


Ben & Angie said...

Wow! Way to go, Kevin! A much better use of space, I must say! Good work...

AmyD said...

Hey, the deck looks great! We might come knocking for some help with our new deck that we'll be building! ;-)

Angelina Garcia said...

Whoa! They really made something out of virtually nothing there! Your family did a great job with the deck. It definitely made the space a lot more interesting. What wood color is that, by the way?