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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

It's been awhile since I've done a tackle, so I'm getting back to it. This morning I revised my long-term goal list and today I'm going to work on one of those goals: create a cleaning schedule and follow it for 3 weeks. So today I'm going to make up a cleaning chart and post it on the fridge so I can check it each day. After I've followed it for 3 weeks, I can then decide if it needs tweaked.

Once I'm done, I'll post a picture of my cool chart!

UPDATED: Here's my weekly cleaning schedule...

Sunday--CHURCH DAY, wash towels, evening meal planning
Monday--wash darks, post meal plan, grocery store, pay bills
Tuesday--wash whites, clean out fridge, clean mirrors
Wednesday--wash towel, dust, clean toilets & sinks, empty bath trash
Thursday--wash baby clothes, scrapbook, declutter and sweet dining room
Friday--wash darks, clean specific room
Saturday--wash sheets, FAMILY DAY

DAILY CHORES--vacuum, sweep/swiffer kitchen, wipe counter and sink, wash dishes, put shoes away

This is just a start. It seems like there is a lot I've left off. But there's plenty of room on the chart to add things as needed.

So that's my tackle for today! Happy Tuesday!


According to HIS Power said...

Sounds like it should work! ONe tip I have though, if you want it, I use shop towels or old washcloths(white ones that I have bleached)and soak them in the sink in hot water with my cleaning solution. Then I tuck them into the holder things on the swiffer(I used to have a swiffer, now I use a Clorox ready mop and put some of my cleaning solution in the bottle that comes with it). As I change the cloths, I put them in a container and wash them with bleach when I am done. This saves on buying the cloths and the cleaning solution for the ready mop is very expensive so I save by just using my regular cleaner that I use in the rest of the house. Sorry if this is long and if you have questions, let me know! You may already do this or something similar but I just thougt I would share this and maybe it would help! Prayers, Julie

According to HIS Power said...
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Sharon said...

You seem so on top of things! I'm impressed. At this stage my last pregnancy, I wanted to sleep as much as possible!

Good for you being so motivated. :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great plan! Seeing chores in writing always helps you to stay on tasks! I like "according to his power" comment. Have a good one. LT

Kirstie said...

Hey Sarah! You may have seen mention on my blog that housekeeping is not my strong point. I'd been praying that God help me become better at it but wasn't sure how to go about it. I was going to post a request for help but now there's no need. God has used you to answer my prayer! Thank you so much! Funny, I was thinking about you on the way to the park this afternoon. Now I know why ;-)

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Sounds like a great plan to me.

My TT is up: Tackle it Tuesday

peppylady said...

I think lot of us got off our routine during the summer.
I got mine written out for the up coming year.
My T.T is also up.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

What a great idea. Seems like I conveniently "forget" things that I don't want to do! Maybe if I had them in black and white (or the fancy colors like you do) I'd have to tackle them more regularly! Hmmmm....thanks for the great idea!

Jenny-up the hill said...

ok...I'm inspired. I already have a plan but I like your idea of sticking with a plan for three weeks then tweaking it...I think I'm going do that starting tomorrow...thanks for the idea!