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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thinking of...

...getting my hair chopped for summer.  I've really liked having my hair long and fixing it up in long loose curls. BUT My hair is simply too THICK to leave down EVER in the summer. Yet it's too long to really even put up because it won't smash into the hair tie, and that's all I know what to do with it.  So I'm thinking a cut is needed and then it can gradually grow back out again if I want it to.  But I'm never any good when it comes to styles, so help a girl out here! 

My hair type: VERY thick, a little bit wavy, I have a definite part off to the side and if I try to have bangs, they split where the part is. 

Here are some styles I like, but I'm not for sure how they'll look on thick hair.  I don't like poofy.

I think this is my favorite of the bunch, but I'm afraid it won't look like that.  Cuz how could it? That would be too easy, right?

I'm pretty sure this is a front view of the previous picture?
this is a little bit safer if I'm too scared to chop as much as picture #1
also pretty safe, though my part wouldn't be down the middle
this looks really similar to cut #1, except in my hair color, but it looks more matronly, or something. what's different about this cut that makes it looks so different from the first??

Votes?? Or should I just keep my hair long? Or send me the link to a completely different picture you think I might like!  Thanks, friends!


Kathy said...

hey Sarah! I have had my hair pretty much every length, cut and style .... just keep in mind that in summer when it's HOT you might not feel like fixing it all the time so if you DO cut it, leave enough length that you can still get it in a ponytail. I have had mine short MANY times over the summer - always thinking it will be so easy to care for - but then when I can't pull it back I get frustrated. Then I have to wear hats all the time.

PS. how did you change your fonts for your side bar titles and blog titles?

Holly said...

I vote #1 or #4. Don't be afraid to take a risk! You'll probably be surprised with the result and you'll want to take more risks... that's my motto anyway! :D

Anonymous said...

I ♥ #1 and the last one (Mandy Moore) is really similar to what I have now so no, I don't think matronly!!! lol You can use a straight iron and flip the layers out or you can just iron it straight and it will look good or you can just wash and put some smoothing cream (Suave, they carry at Wal-Mart) has some great stuff..will look at mine and get back with you on the name...and it looks pretty good for every day, around the house wear. I only flatiron when we go out which you know isn't much!! lol

I was afraid to cut my hair too short but I actually wish I had gone a little shorter.. :)

Anyway, I like both cuts...my sister is a "hair lady" so if you need more advice or have questions just ask me and I will help you out!!

Love you!!

p.s. Are you doing a color, too? Or just the cut? Highlights would look awesome with both cuts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you DEFINITELY need a cut with layers if you are going short and have thick wavy hair..you know my hair is EXACTLY the same way!! I have a few layers right above my chin and it takes away SO much poofiness...the humidity where we live is crazy..most times around 90% so I definitely don't need poofy/frizzy hair..just wanted to mention the layers in case you didn't know! And, you will probably need your layers razored.

Ellen said...

My vote is #1 as well... You can tell your stylist to "thin" down your hair if you would like, and I think she used a straightener on it to get it smooth like that. BUT - having short hair makes straightening it sooooo much faster! Even 5 minutes will do the trick!! :)

Anonymous said...

You would look great with a very defined angled bob...The brunette actress...I forgot her name! It would require fixing it everyday which is the only problem with short hair but it'll look hot!! LOL
Just copy/paste link!! Lisa T.


Be Strong in the Lord said...

If you have wavy hair when it is long, then I think you should consider that it could poof and be curly when you get it cut. That is what mine does. And, it is what my assistant at work says about her hair. Since you said you really don't want it to poof, I am voting for #3. The one you called safe.

Whatever you get, I hope you enjoy it. It can feel really good to get a good haircut in the spring.

Servant Becca said...

Ps. I love your hair look pregnant and right after birth of Hannah. Of the 4 choices you are considering... I like #1 or #4 best for you...

~Amanda said...

I've been thinking of doing the chop too, and you may have just done the work for me!

My hair is pretty straight, and and thin, and I'm IN LOVE with your #1!!!!

Laura L. said...

Sarah, I've been having the same conversation in my head for months now. SO tired of my long hair...it's so thick and wavy. I like to be able to pull it up, but in reality, that's all I ever do! I think the key to the #1 pic is a flat iron...and you need to retrain your hair to part further to the side, otherwise your forehead will always be showing..unless you do pretty short bangs that just fall onto your forehead...you really look pretty with anykind of hair that I've seen you in, so go for it!