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Friday, April 1, 2011

Photography: Grady, 1 YEAR

But not quite a year, as his mama would say.  =)  Cuz that "1-YEAR" title just sounds sooo much older! Introducing Mr. Grady James AKA Mr. Blue Eyes...

snuck in one of big sister Millie too.  LOVE that smile.  =)

Grady was great, but holy moly, is it hard to photography a 1-yr old!  Especially when you're mostly limited to indoors {it was sooo windy outside!} Catching a baby constantly on the move.  Carter was the same way, so I was prepared.  Still hard though, trying to get pictures that aren't a blur because settings are so low in order to catch light.  Whew!  Let's just say Jess was AMAZING for chasing Grady down, continuously setting him back in place only for him to crawl away again!  LOL  Happy with the end results though!  He's a cutie, and it's soo fun watching him grow side-by-side with Carter!

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