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Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking back {hair stuff again}

Continuation from yesterday's hair post... So I figured out what makes Picture 2 so different from Picture 1. The bangs. In picture 1 they're swept from the side, covering most of her forehead--I like that a lot! Whereas picture 2, her forehead is showing--what my hair always does.  Is there a way it can NOT do that?? Like can I just style it differently, or am I just doomed?

Anyway, I've had my hair short before, so I spent some time today looking back through all our old pictures, and bleck.  I don't really like it, and I don't think I especially liked it at the time either!  Take a look (and please ignore the crappiness of some of these pictures and just look at the hair)...

When Eli was little it was short but not super layered.  Not too bad, but I don't like the forehead.

And here's what it looked like when it part of it was up.  The bottom part just flipped out.  I think the bottom part flipped out no matter how I had it, actually.

Then before Hannah was born I got it cut again and they said it needed lots of layers or something because of how thick it is, and this is how that turned out--super butched, I don't like it. And I don't like the short "bangs" that are with it.  Too short considering they just split anyway.

(by the way, I'm 38 weeks here)

And then after several months it was a little bit longer and I started liking it again...

one of my favorite pictures ever

So what do you think? Is there any hope of my hair ever looking like this??
Was it just cut wrong before? Or is my hair just not made for that?? Can I ever even wear my hair down without tucking it behind my ears or is that forever in my nature to do that??  Or should I just go a little bitter longer where I started liking it again??


jaesi said...

well it all depends on how willing you are to maintain, the thickness of your hair, and how much time you have-

You look adorable with short hair- but I LOVE your long curls.

either way youre HOT. :)

Kris said...

I love that haircut! It's so cute! I think you're hair looked super cute short! Maybe shorter bangs would keep you from tucking it behind your ears!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Ahh! I don't know! I love the long curls too and when I look at pictures of Kate Beckinsale and her long hair, it makes me want to keep it long forever! But at the same time I know I never DO it, especially in the summer. it's hot on my neck, not to mention 40 hot minutes with the curling iron! And I know people have told me I can just twist pieces up and pin it for awhile instead of curling, but frankly, I don't GET how to do that! =)

Servant Becca said...

If there were some way for you to go to my hair-lady you would probably love your hair. She understands thick hair and thins it way out to actually be workable. I have ALWAYS thought you have beautiful hair, but I know how long it takes you sometimes to fix it special.

~Amanda said...

I wonder if it has to do with the hairline. If you have a lower hairline, then the bangs can cover the forehead, but if you have a higher hairline then they go to the side without covering your forehead. And no matter what - even when hair is the perfect type for this haircut, I'm going to guess that it still takes a ton of hairspray! And I can't stand hairspray.

So, like I said before, I have been wanting to chop mine off, but I tend to hold on to my longer length for the summer because I can throw it up in a pony tail. My problem is that while I'd love those Beckinsale locks, my hair just doesn't ever look healthy when it's long. I think the shine goes away, and when it's shorter it shines so much by itself. But the length of your #1 could still be pulled up, I bet. Or try the longer version and then go back if you think you could handle a little more.

As much as I love that haircut, I think you should leave it long. But that's probably because I've always wanted long hair and can't ever have it.

~Amanda said...

Just looked at your "hubby and I" picture on the side, and look at your gorgeous hair. If you do decide to cut it, maybe you can donate it. Someone should wear that hair if you're not going to! It's so so pretty, Sarah.