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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get in the picture.

This is one of the links that I came across on Pinterest today, and I actually clicked over to the article to read.  Definitely got me thinking.  Does this sound familiar to you too??

“Yes, honey, I was there, too. I was just the one taking the pictures.”
Is that the way you want your children to remember you? As the ghost in the frame? We all talk about how important it is to document life, to capture memories for our families, to have a visual history of the day-to-day because the years are fleeting. Well, I have news for you: you’re a part of that. You need to be in pictures.
So you don’t like to have your photo taken, huh? I don’t, either. Get over your vanity. I say that lovingly. Take a shower, put on a little makeup, throw on that shirt you love but never wear because you’re afraid someone will wipe his little ketchup smeared face on your shoulder. This goes way beyond pictures – when you feel good about the way you look, your whole attitude changes for the better. Take care of yourself. Or don’t. Maybe you don’t have time to blow dry your hair today. Your children don’t care. What they will care about is that they can see what their mom looked like at 25/35/45/55, that she played with them, that she gazed at them lovingly, that she laughed with them … capture that for them. We need more than just the memories. We need pictures. You know that better than anybody. Stop making excuses.

Read the rest of the post and you can learn 13 tips for family self-portraits.  Some of it's more posey than what I like if you're just trying to remember yourself as part of a memory but still the point is very valid: get in the picture, preserve that memory for your children.

Alright, ladies I have a challenge for you!  I hope you participate!  Take a picture of YOU doing something with the kids and post it to your blog.  And link up below so we can see!  It's been so long since I've really been in a picture, so I'm kind of excited.  I'll add mine to this post once I take it.  What do ya say? Are you IN??


Kathy said...

great challenge Sarah! I am soooo guilty of taking all the pics but not getting IN them, I'm trying to work on this! I will be looking for opportunities to get in the pics this week and post when I get some! =)

The Fischer Family said...

We did this a few weekends ago when we went to the apple orchard. My husband convinced me to get in some pictures too so I'll post those so you can see! Thanks for the reminder, it is important for them to see us when they look back on their childhood!