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Monday, October 31, 2011

{November Challenge} Bless someone today.

I can't believe it's November TOMORROW! So I spent some time thinking this morning about different ways and people to bless every day in the month of November.  I put together a calendar but basically it's this schedule:

Sundays - church leaders
Mondays - special friends locally
Tuesdays - extended family members (SILs, grandparents, etc)
Wednesdays - teachers, including AWANA and Sunday school teachers, tutors, mentors, or even your regular babysitter
Thursdays - your immediate family members (kids and husband). write each of them a letter, saying the things you love and appreciate about each of them
Fridays - community members
Saturdays - friends far away

You can add variety by doing notes, making cookies, putting together small gifts, coloring pictures, or you could even take a friend out to lunch! Try to get the kids involved in as many of them as possible, and bless those around you!

You can DOWNLOAD THE CALENDER HERE and then write your own names on it.  The text is a tad pixely (sp?), but that's the best I could do with the calendar I found!  Yes, it's quite a bit of work and time to follow through, but something I hope I can do and I guarantee it would be worth the time!


~Amanda said...

So cute!

Be Strong in the Lord said...

I love the idea of blessing people for a November challenge. My Love and I are discussing trying to do a version of this.

I just finished a blog with an update on the baby. I thought I would share this with you. I know it does not go with this post, so I will understand if you don't put it on your post as a comment. Here is the link. http://proverbs31mrsrhodes.blogspot.com/

Saving45 said...

Sarah, Your blog is such a blessing. I'm a mom of three. Anytime I'm feeling down and need a fresh outlook I'll take a peak at your posts. You're ideas and honesty are so wonderful! Thank you for sharing your gifts.
God bless you and your beautiful Family!
~ Tracy

Anonymous said...

Bless someone today

with words of kindness

Do something nice for a friend

Sow seeds of encouragement

into a stranger's heart

Tell your loved ones

you greatly adore them

Make someone's day

precious and beautiful

Give God praise for His greatness

Strengthen your companion

with fruits of joy

Add faith to your neighbour's life

Bless someone today and remember -

Jesus loves you.

© Bernard Levine