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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Playroom Makeover, Part 2

So I didn't like the green.  So instead I chose gray.  GRAY??!  For a playroom?  How gloomy!  I didn't even know exactly what I was going to put with it, but once we got it on the walls I loved it.  It looks so nice with the dark wood trim throughout and now the black art frames POP.  I pictured using gray for when this room is no longer a playroom and can actually be used for something adult-like again, but not for a playroom.  And then a couple weeks later I decided to start looking at curtain options again.  Still looking mostly at fabric shower curtains-- just because they're exactly the right size for our wide windows, usually come in fun prints and colors, and are sometimes cheaper than regular curtains--I found what I wanted!  I was looking for something that included green, red, and blue, since those are the colors of our toy bins.  And looky how it all comes together!

view with curtains closed

book nook.  Yes, that's a doggie bed purchased specifically for this. Why not?
And now for the tour:
1 = Kids Art
2 = Behind the door are hooks for the kids' church and AWANA bags
3 = Large toys like stacking blocks, stacking rings, and farm animals
4 = Dress-up/pretend play
5 = Trio blocks
6 = Legos
7 = Cars and Trucks
8 = Bucket of balls
9 = Puzzles
10 = People/Figurine toys
11 = Book nook
12 = "Where our friends live" / U.S. map, small pictures placed of our friends

13 = Calendar (we like to cross off the days and see how soon 'til fun events are coming up)
14 = Crate FULL of workbooks and coloring books (the green bin on top is full markers and crayons, etc)
15 = Paper/Construction Paper
16 = Misc craft supplies like pom poms, stickers, glitter, pipe cleaners, etc
17 = Completed lapbook folders
18 = Play dough
20 = Misc stuff, like lacing cards, puzzle cards, bead strings
21 = Play kitchen stuff
22 = World map in which we'll include pictures about places we've learned about or future World Vision/Compassion kids we sponsor

 The blue basket in the corner holds all the kids' music instruments and scarves for dancing.  If I decide to keep the bookshelves over where they are, then I picture finding a small wooden round table, and painting it lime green for this corner. (the kids already have their own chairs to use for it). We used to have the coffee table in the playroom.  It's a perfect color match. BUT pushed against the wall the kids ALWAYS piled stuff on it or pushed stuff over the back edge of it.  So now it's a coffee table in the living room again.

I've always tried to create book corner, setting the kids' little chairs right next to the book shelves. But this time I REALLY created a corner.  The books don't get put AWAY as well, but it seems to be a well-loved space!  And in the end, that's what is more important!

 Note, this messy state is what the playroom NORMALLY looks like!  =)


Holly said...

you can come up and do my playroom next!! This looks AWESOME! Great job! And for serious, you'll have to at least help me design/organize!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Anytime, Holly!! =)

The Fischer Family said...

LOVE IT!!!! You have inspired me with the grey paint! I was thinking grey for our master bedroom and you've convinced me!!! Everything is so organized and you set it up in a great way! Love all the colors and love the book nook! And the dog bed-great idea! And much cheaper than bean bags I bet! Great job!!

Be Strong in the Lord said...

Awesome! This is an inspiring post. Thanks for sharing.

Servant Becca said...

What a fun room! I love the places to sit with books... Great idea, Sarah!

Bethany said...

Love it! I have been wanting to try gray paint but couldn't picture what it would look like! What brand/color name was this? Looks like a fun place for the kids - wish we had a playroom!

Adam Ingram said...

So curious where you got the curtains? they would go perfect in my play room

In Light of the Truth... said...

Ooo gosh, I don't remember! Amazon maybe? Or Target online? I do know they are shower curtains that I cut in half... Our playroom has changed a lot over the years as we take away toys and add in more "play school" stuff but the colors are something I LOVE and hope stays around awhile!! =)