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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lately it seems I can only do one or two things at a time.  Bible study and working out.  Reading and Bible study.  Reading and working out.  Guitar and Bible study.  Photography and guitar.  Reading. Bible study. Piano. House. Kids. Cooking.  Laundry.  Friends. Within any given week I'm really mastering maybe two things and the rest is basically non-existent.  If I try to squeeze a new guitar song in the morning, then I find myself racing around nearly late for an appointment!  When I simply just wanted to start the day with some joy.  If I make time to work out, then I'm neglecting the laundry or kids or breakfast dishes or sleep.  About 3 weeks ago I was on my game with workouts.  Then that fell and I was buried in my books.  Then last week I was focused on photography only and busy with photoshoots.  How in the world can I find balance?  When I do something I get really into it.  I have a hard time stopping.  If I'm playing guitar I can play for an hour.  If I'm reading, I could read all night.  If I'm working out, then I have to shower too.  If I fold clothes, then I also have to put them away.  Everything takes so much time, I don't really want to just flit from one thing to the next all throughout the day, barely touching on anything.  Yet I don't exactly want to dictate my life by designating certain days for certain activities.  How do YOU do it??


Mary said...

Well my advice is just simple. I heard this when I used to work outside the home... "When you die, your inbox will still be full." I realized that there will ALWAYS be stuff to do. So when it comes to housework, just do what you can and what you feel like doing. I don't keep a schedule because some days I just don't have time nor do I want to clean. The kitchen is always a priority and picking up toys but other than that... I do it as I see the need. As for bible time and working out, that I still have to figure out.
Mary. (The mom with the dirty windows who just doesn't care about them.)

The Fischer Family said...

That is the question of the ages my friend! And I think what most of us would say is "We don't!" Like Mary said, you choose. My house isn't always spotless, but I like to make sure the kitchen is clean so I can make meals (does this always happen-no..but I try!), the house is welcoming when Steven comes home from work. I like the sound of laundry working or the dishwasher running, but I have found with laundry that I can only do on load at a time. Fully wash, dry, fold, hang, put away an entire load before I start another or it piles in baskets for weeks! I do things like writing my blog, reading, couponing, etc while the kids are napping. You choose what the most important things are to you and take time for those. Don't try to do it all and don't worry when you can't do it all! When my kids are older I hope they will remember that I let them make messes, not that I was always behind them cleaning you know what I mean!?! Good luck!