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Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Friday!!

What's the weekend mean for you this week??  Just relaxing with the fam or got plans??  I love hearing what you have going on!

For us Kevin's had the week off and now he's headed back to work today and for the weekend.  We spent a looong day yesterday doing car shopping.  Didn't find a match for us.  Bummer.  The first Expedition was really dirty, 2nd one we really liked but it didn't end up having 4-wheel drive, and the 3rd one they said they were driving over from Lincoln didn't come to be.  But since we spent a good amount of money to get our van "professionally" cleaned in prep for trade and we're trying really hard to KEEP it clean, we took up an offer to test drive a Suburban for the weekend.  Kevin loved it (it's got a LOT of gadgets in it which he loves but I hate, I feel like I'm driving an airplane!), so this is me trying to give it a shot and keep it as a consideration in order to support my husband.  Gives me a chance to see how it works for car seat arrangements and buckles, in and outs at preschool, and parking for errands.  Then Monday when Kevin's off again, we'll take it back and make a decision, one way or another.  In the meantime, we're praying for wisdom!!  This is stressful!!

Well, I have a lot to catch up on today.  Tons of laundry, clutter, and still need to get things planned for MOPS next week!!  Have a great weekend, friends!  And bundle up if it's cold where you're at!  It was 20-something degrees here this morning, so we're ccccooold here in Nebraska!!


S Club Mama said...

I know, I was going to run this morning and was so glad I didn't when I woke up and saw 28 degrees. yuck

my offer still stands to watch your kids while you look for a vehicle. let me know!

Be Strong in the Lord said...

In the past week & a half we have learned that my grandmother has terminal cancer, and my brother and his family are moving to Wisconsin (we are on the Gulf Coast in Alabama). So, we are keeping our phones close to hear if we need to help with my grandmother, and trying to help my brothers family depart. My oldest neice (4) knows something is up and begged to have a "slumber party" with me. So, my husband and I kept her Thursday night - Friday night. I had to work today, Saturday. Tonight, we are having a party to wish by brother well. He will be leaving Wednesday. His wife and girls hope to follow by Thanksgiving. I guess you could say we are having a bitter/sweet weekend. Family time is precious. We are cherishing the memories we are making, but aching for the time we will have to live on them instead of creating new ones. Sweet because God answered our prayers and we are thanking Him for his love and provision. My brother got a job that will privide for his family... praise God. He has good plans for us.