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Monday, November 15, 2010


1. I enjoyed me some hot chocolate time with Hannah this morning right after Eli left for school.

2. Eli peed outside on the fresh bowl of cat food.  {WHY???}

3. I finally uploaded pics from my camera so I've been posting a lot over at our family blog.

4. Carter took an amazing long nap this afternoon (3 hrs, which is long for him)!

5. My friend Jaesi's baby "Bertha" is on her way, being induced tonight, so I'm super super excited!

Tell me 5 things about your day today!


Chris said...

1. I woke up in my own bed today after being out of power for a couple days and spending nights with friends.

2. Anna had an awesome day at Sandra's today despite the bizarre weekend with no schedule.

3. It's just Anna-Mommy night tonight, Daddy's at bowling, so I made some Anna favorites for supper.

4. Anna is still not sleeping after being in her crib for 30 minutes, but I'm still getting lots of things done (like commenting on blogs! :) ).

5. I started my day with a wonderful conversation with my mother-in-law about how blessed our family is and how it was put back into perspective this weekend as we experieneced living with no heat in our home as many people do on a daily basis. We really are reminded to count our blessings and it's very timely as we head into this Thanksgiving holiday.

S Club Mama said...

1. Locked us out of the house
2. Yelled at the kids
3. Let the kids watch a LOT of tv
4. Yelled some more
5. Spent about 2 hours in my room by myself by orders of Big A because I was a grump