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Friday, November 26, 2010

My very first giveaway!

My friend Katie and her family are beginning to raise money in order to adopt a child from Ethiopia.  Katie and her mom are sewing beautiful, super cute bibs, burp cloths, changing mats, nursing covers, and aprons and selling them on Etsy.  Really, they look fantastic!  And 100% of the proceeds go directly to their adoption fund.  

So... here are the instructions for this giveaway...

1. Check out Katie's Etsy shop Already Love You--Katie's children make adorable models-- THEN come back and tell me what your favorite item is. Personally, the nursing covers are my favorite but I already have one and I'm almost done with that gig.  But the aprons are super cute too! 
2. To get another entry make a blog post about this giveaway.

Then on Friday, Dec. 3 I will randomly select TWO winners for the item of your choice!  Happy browsing!!

Note: Even if you don't need baby gear, perhaps you know of someone with little ones or soon to have little ones you could gift with something like this for FREE.  Remember it's all about helping a good cause!


Holly said...

My favorite is this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62310960/beautiful-nursing-cover-and-matching

They are SO talented!!!

Abbey said...


I always LOVE your posts and websites, and oh, how I do know and can sympathize with your feelings! I wish I had known about this website before - cute ideas!! My SIL is having a baby in the next few weeks, and I love the following item:


They do not know the baby gender, but these colors would work perfectly either way - so adorable!

Abbey :)

Becky Goerend said...

I love this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62510474/adorable-changing-mat-and-3-burp

So cute and I never thought about a non-plastic changing mat, but it makes sense!

S Club Mama said...

I like the Holiday Helper Child Apron // 2-5yrs // Quilted Dots - that way it's not too girly & Tristan could have something to help me cook in.

Rae Lynne said...

What a terrific giveaway, Sarah! She has beautiful items! I LOVE the Hoot Changing pad & burp cloth set. How adorable!

And those nursing covers are fantastic! I love the one at the top of her shop, the blue with flowers. :) Off to look at more stuff!

~Rae Lynne

Katie said...

Sarah, what an awesome idea! Thank you so much for thinking to do this! We're grateful for you. :)

Rae Lynne said...

I just finished up a post featuring your giveaway and Katie's shop! Thanks SO MUCH for telling us about this great cause and these wonderful handmade items. I wish Katie & her family luck and will keep them in my prayers on their journey to adopt a child.

You can check out my post here: http://rlchase.blogspot.com/2010/11/friday-favorites-1126-giveaways-good.html

Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family!
~Rae Lynne

TZel said...

What a wonderful cause. I hope the family the best...
I like theAlready Love You Child Apron // Cupcake. Thanks

alisha said...

I'm impressed with it all! Love it all! Makes me want to have another baby (maybe someday:)

what a great idea for her to use her talents to adopt!!

As for a favorite - I couldn't decide, so I'd have to point out the cute little helper aprons because my boys would look so darn cute in them -- and love to wear them!!

~Amanda said...

I love the lengths of the nursing covers! Sweet orange and blue is my favorite! (http://www.etsy.com/listing/62310960/beautiful-nursing-cover-and-matching)

~Amanda said...


Chris said...

What a fun idea, I love it! And what a great cause...even if we don't win, I might head over and get this the Holiday Helping Child Apron in Quilted Dots. Anna is starting to really LOVE helping in the kitchen and it's so cute and a great way to make her feel special!

cathcart said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I love the Hoot changing pad and burp cloth set. Adorable! :)

Amanda said...

Hi Sarah!

No kiddos for me yet (though hopefully I won't have to wait *too* much longer!), but I really love the cupcake apron. So adorable. :)

It's so nice that you're doing this a what a great cause! I'll be thinking about your friend as she works to adopt a child!

Amanda said...

Ooops, I also blogged about it for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi! We go to Josh and Katie's church and I love the pear changing mat and burp cloths. :)


Nikki Hurt

Tracey said...

What wonderful things, it's so hard to choose just one.

I guess if I had to, I'd pick


My son loves to help me cook and this one seems to be the most boy-ish looking one.

I also have two girls, aged 2 and 8 months. So anything for them would be great too!

thanks for hosting.

Kristen Lisemby Lee said...

Wow! Loved the site! My favorite item was this:


Jacqueline said...

Hi Sarah! Ooo, your friend is so talented! I love the nursing covers- I don't have one and am always struggling to keep a blanket on. This would be so much easier! I had a hard time picking from the beautiful fabric choices, but I love the burnt orange one http://www.etsy.com/listing/61422454/beautiful-nursing-cover-in-burnt-orange
Sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving- enjoy getting your Christmas decorations up. It is always such a project, but is so wonderful when it is done! Love, Jacquie

Amy said...

Definitely love the holiday children's aprons. SO cute!