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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Help! {Shoes}

I originally had this as part of my previous post, but then I decided it needed more attention than that.  So the deal is this: I really hate wearing boots or heals anymore when I dress nice.  But my everyday casual shoes just seem a little too... not feminine. In fact, they are a men's shoe and super comfy and still good for casual days.  But most of the time I try to dress nice, nice-shirt-and-jeans sort of nice.  So I'm looking into a nice pair of flats that can go with pretty much anything like that.  And for church too.  My hands are too full with children, I really need 100% stability when I'm on the go.  I want something cute, but when it comes to fashion I don't know how to be cute.  I'm pretty plain.   

These are pretty but I dunno, I've never worn anything so tiny or delicate or whatever you'd call it.  And what kind of sock do you wear with that??  Hose? Nylon sock?  Bare feet?
 These (Rocket Dogs) look super comfy and aren't too bulky, but they might be too casual for what I'm seeking.  {the site is overloaded so I can't get there for a picture}

Or maybe something like this?? But do they look too plasticky. (sp??)

Or these Eco Mary Janes?

*sigh*  I dunno...I'm a one-shoe-for-everything kind of a girl.  Thoughts??  Now remember, this is where I live.  I don't get out much.  So ladies, let's pretend we're going on a shopping day together, okay?  Help a girl out!


Servant Becca said...

I think any of those styles is cute and would work for comfortable. Some of the colors above might be avoided -- not orange... You are beautiful whatever shoe you wear, but I understand dressing a little differently to feel a bit better about how I look. =)

Kasandra said...

Hey Sarah-
I saw your post on FB, so I popped over here. It's been a while, but your family is so sweet, and you take such lovely pictures!

As for shoes...I have shoes very much like the adorable ones on the top, and they are a terrible idea for WINTER. You will have totally soaked feet, guaranteed, when the snow goes over the top. Worse, they are extremely slippery. I've done the splits. :) Also, they are very size-dependent, so you must find the perfect fit to make them stay on and not pinch your feet. Finally, they have ZERO arch support, and for most people this translates to aching legs/knees/back in half an hour.

I'd recommend a more sporty Mary Jane, if you want to be cute. And I'd go for a neutral color that matches everything. But they still might not be ideal for errand running if you again have more than 3" or so of snow or a serious puddle. At this point, I'd consider function over form :)

Good luck, and let us know what you settle on--shoes are fun!


Darla said...

I'd go with the first pair pictured. You could wear that color (or a red), with any top imaginable, it wouldn't really have to "match" to be cute, imo. You wear them barefoot, or with those "barefoot socks" (made for heels etc, they are a sock, but basically only cover the bottom, sides and toes, I don't know what they are called!), or a nylon sock would work too if it's super cold and would look funny to not have anything there. I don't have any flats like this, maybe I should get some. I am the crazy mom chasing kids in four and a half inch heels every Sunday. Lol. I'm short, and they make my legs look better:-)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Well, I'm glad you popped by Kasandra--I've missed you! Really! I was leaning toward the last two, but the only thing is that when I looked it up, the color choices I found were orange, yellow, and black, and I'm more of a brown girl. So I dunno??

In Light of the Truth... said...

Oh wait, now I found more colors for that last one! Also has a tan or a light green one!

The Chase Family said...

My first instinct would be the first pair. And then I read the first comment about slipping, etc. You want a nice sole on your shoe. I've been wearing flats since I was first pregnant with Xander and although I love my shoes, I miss my heals and boots terribly.

That being said, flats can be super cute and functional, if you're willing to compromise on a few things, like the low sides (ie, snow in your shoes).

What I do for work is wear winter boots outside and switch to my shoes when I get indoors. If I'm going to church or shopping or running errands, I just deal with the chance that my socks my get wet. And you can wear hose, nylon socks or go bare with flats. I'd avoid bulky socks, though.

And since we're fast approaching winter and it's likely this will happen, be mindful of how long your pant legs are. Flats are great, but my pant legs are always soaked because I like length, just in case I might wear really tall shoes! :)

Hope this was helpful!
Rae Lynne

S Club Mama said...

I like those Eco Mary Janes but I'm not sure they would be as dressy as you would want.

With the first shoes, I usually go without socks in my kitten heels like that. Otherwise, I'm looking to get some thin socks (with fun designs like stripes & argyle) to go with them for the winter.

Juliette said...

I love flats! So, I have a lot of opinions about them.

It sounds like you were trying to go more toward a cutesy shoe that would like nice. I like the last 3-4 that you posted (my favorite of those were the eco Mary Jaynes), but it sounds like you are trying for something a little dressier but still comfortable.
Here is a shoe that has never let me down: http://www.target.com/Merona-Madalena-Suede-Ballet-Flats/dp/B00276YO20/ref=sc_qi_detailbutton
I have dressed that shoe up with jeans and a cute shirt and I have worn it with a t-shirt. It's pretty comfortable too (I'm not juggling 3 kids with them on, but I am in a classroom with 24 fifth graders and they have handled it well).
You'll really want a neutral color that you can wear a lot of things with.
I like very simple flats. I also like:

And my favorite shoes are Toms. They're great shoes, but may not add that feminine touch you are looking for.

Hope I was of some help.

Oh, I usually always wear flats without any type of sock & I always go for a neutral color because I don't have money to spend on matching a lot of outfits.

~Amanda said...

I like any of the last three!! I think I like them enough to get a pair! I have a similar problem - either I'm wearing dress shoes or I'm wearing clonky tennis shoes and don't feel like I can wear decent clothes - always end up in grungy clothes and tennis shoes. Not cute. I like the cute comfy shoe idea. Are you going to order these online or go to the store and try them on? I couldn't get a pair of shoes without trying them on. I need comfy shoes - kind of wide and with lots of arch support.

In Light of the Truth... said...

I really like the last pair, but there's limited availability online. Most of the time anymore fit isn't much of a problem for me as long as it's not a shoe that could easily fall completely off, like maybe the first shoe. Might look for it in the spring though IN the store.

Anonymous said...

I like all of them except the second pair but the first pair...wow, they are CUTE!!! Although, I would only wear them for church and save one of the others for everyday. I'll tell you what I do, I always wear boots when it's muddy/snowy and tuck my flats into my bag. When I get out of our horrible muddy driveway, I change into the flats or heels that I want to wear. I know that your weather is a lot worse than ours, though! We hardly ever get snow and if we do, it's usually never above a couple of inches. Soooo....I would go with one of the bottom pairs but have a pair of boots, just in case! That's my advice, such as it is...sorry, I'm not more help! You have picked out some really cute shoes. I am going to check out a couple of pair for myself since this pregnancy is making my feet swell horribly! I've been wearing my mom's ballet flats lately. Since I have only boots and heels in my closet and it's gotten COLD here the past few days. I've never really liked ballet flats much but these are awesome and the best part, they came from Wal-Mart for $9!! I could hardly believe it when she told me...usually me and wal-mart shoes do NOT get along! lol

Love you!!!

Rebekah Gebhards said...

I definitely love the last pairs (the mary jane flats)! They look like you too and would be comfortable yet dressy. I see the brand is Keen and I just love Keens along with Born and Ecco shoes. You can't go wrong with any of those brands.

crystal said...


I agree with most, I love all the shoes...although the first pair does seem more dressy, it doesn't seem as practical for your winter weather. I do live a bit further north than my sister Julie, and we do get a bit more snow than her, but not as much as you do. I prefer boots in the winter mostly because it's usually cold and windy, and they help keep me warm.. :) and you can get boots with flat soles... But I am really liking the last three pair of shoes that you posted...my only fear would be of my feet getting wet from the snow....I do have a friend that has some shoes similar to the last ones and they are really cute and stylish.


Servant Becca said...

You ought to show off your final selection -- they are super cute and give you lots of options!