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Friday, August 5, 2011

Kids Song: Learning routine

With the kids, we are always working on establishing an order to things. Eat dinner, ask to be excused, put plate away, wash hands...  Or get dressed, make bed, jammies away... Or go potty, wipe, flush, wash. Etc. There are always things. I'm trying to get it to be such a solid routine that I don't have to say it every single time, WITHOUT creating another chart.  So, knowing me, I came up with a SONG!!  =)

Tune: M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E song

Morning routine:
I get all dressed and make my bed and put my clothes away.
That's the way
I start my day.
And then I brush my hair and my teeth. 
By myself! 
Mealtime routine:
I eat my food, I say thank you, and then I be excused.
I take my plate
And put it away.
And then I wash my hands and my face.
By myself!

Potty routine:
I wipe my bum and flush the toilet
Then I wash my hands.
I get all clean 
to wash the germs
That's the way we go potty every day.
By myself!

This also encourages a child's independence as they learn to do more and more things by themselves every day!

1 comment:

Servant Becca said...

Positive reinforcement! Great idea, Sarah! Ps. Love the songs.... =)