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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Even better.

Today the kids and I had plans to go watch the Warrior Dash up by Omaha. We were so excited. On the way there we were talking about which obstacles we were most excited to see. Eli wanted to see the fire. Hannah and I wanted to see the teeter totters. And Carter, was just along for the ride. =)

But when we got there, it quickly became apparent that actually watching the race wasn't really an option! They had a party area set up where the start and finish is with a big stage and band playing in the middle. We could see the last three obstacles but that was it. It was really neat but we were disappointed.

So we decided to continue on to Omaha for our own fun!
 And we rediscovered the joy of a simple point-and-shoot camera. 
The kids took turns taking pictures.
 And we ate our picnic lunches. There's little a picnic can't help fix. Any time of day.
 Especially in the company of such sweet faces...

 Even the messy ones.
 I simply love my kids. And doing things with them.
We still had the bikes in the car from our ride at the pond the other day so we got 'em out for a ride on the bike path.

Carter and I walked/jogged behind!
We took breaks when needed...
And then stopped by the fountain for some more picture fun

We finished our city trip with a stop at Target dollar bin, where the kids each picked a treasure. Hannah a crown, Eli a frisbee, and Carter a fishy tatoo pack. Another GREAT summer day!!

So much more than what I had originally hoped for!

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