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Thursday, June 7, 2012


We've had such a grand time these first three weeks of summer, really living life to the full and enjoying every single moment. No bored days here, and no lazing around doing nothing!  We've been...

exploring at the zoo
discovering new parks
checking out new books at the library
garage saling
reliving history
reading books out on the trampoline
catching lightning bugs
sitting by the campfire
(in our own back yard)
watching the stars come out
splashing in the sprinkler
swimming at the pool
fishing at the pond
cleaning up trash at the park
(with friends)
picking sweet treats from the bakery
and eating it at the pond
for breakfast
riding bikes
going for family walks
dripping with sticky popsicles
hosting our own kids storytime with friends
painting new treasures
going to ball games
just for fun
staying up late
just for fun
attending library storytime
in our teeny tiny town

There's so much more we want to do! I can already feel summer FLYING by!!  So if ya don't see me for awhile, know that I'm off living and cherishing my time with my precious kiddos!!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

awesome!!!!!!!! we just finished school and just made our summer fun list and I can't wait to be doing a lot of the same that you are!