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Monday, June 25, 2012

{Photo Challenge} Day 2

Today's challenge.

Day 2: What you wore today

Even more fun! Tried to find different ways to feature the different elements of my outfit. Umm, I'm pretty plain but I did what I could...

The outfit: a light pink tank (wish I had something floral or SOMETHING with pattern but I currently have none! looking in my closet this morning I realized that hardly ANY of my clothes have pattern!), a brown tiered skirt I recently found at the thrift store, Teva sandals, and drop earrings with my hair slicked back (cuz I just showered). Wanted to take pictures in the morning already when I was still halfway fresh looking! LOL
I'm a skirt with sandals kinda gal

I LOVE dangly earrings

Day 1: Self-portrait

Coming next:
Day 3: Clouds


Jules said...

Gorgeous!! I'm a skirt & sandals kinda gal, too! Love your entire outfit! Especially ♥ the earrings& your hair! I need to just take the plunge& cut mine already. It's driving me batty! LOL

Servant Becca said...

Love the pics! You have such a beautiful model. =)

S Club Mama said...

I love skirts. I love dresses more but I love skirts. You look darling and comfy!

~Amanda said...

I love that you look nice every day. If I took a picture of "what I wore today" it would be yoga pants, a sports bra, and an old t-shirt. Tomorrow may or not be the same outfit. The next day would be a pair of different pair of yoga pants, a sports bra, and a different ratty t-shirt. :-)