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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Journals

I've been trying to have the kids reflect/recap many of the activities that we've done. It practices handwriting and spelling and helps me see how their little minds process.  Of course we don't do this after EVERYTHING, just a couple times a week maybe. After enough random papers around, I realized I needed to gather them in some sort of system. And here's what I came up with!  It's so simple, yet I love it!

Take a peek...

the first week of summer we went to the Lincoln Zoo, and I created this journal sheet for them to fill out once we were home

We did a balloon science experiment.

And then I found this cute printable paper that we'll be able to use for nearly any fun outing!

I included Eli's spelling pages 
And the Boggle games we do together
And the kids' recap of how we made butter, including some of our pictures!

I hope to do many more of those "Summer Fun" pages!

In the front cover of the folder is Eli's sight word list, and in the back cover are the kids' Brown Bear stories. Eli and Hannah each have their own folder they seem pretty proud of. By the end of the summer we'll be able to flip back through and see many of the fun things we did!

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