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Saturday, June 9, 2012

{Summer activity} Park Clean-Up

I LOVE planning things and organizing events (probably to a fault at times, right dear??). I LOVE going places and getting out. I LOVE being with friends. I do also LOVE spontaneity and adventure and being able to decide on a whim that we're going to do something new or drive all gravel somewhere just so we can discover the backcountry. I rarely decide to just hang around the house. I feel restless and would rather call a friend over and invite them over for a playdate than just BE home, though we DO have some of those days too. 

Anyway, I already have several things in mind for the summer, some we've already done, so I thought I'd start sharing, in you case you wanna do it too!

A couple weeks ago the kids and I were visiting a "new" park in a nearby teeny tiny town that seems pretty dead. No businesses, school or anything really. The park is actually impressive but I noticed it really needed cleaned up. There were weeds all over the sand volleyball court so the kids and I started pulling them. But time ran out and there was still just so much more to do. And what bothered me most was shards of pop cans all over, and I know those would be so sharp for little bare feet to step on! So I decided to come back again with supplies--rakes and trash bags--and invite our friends and turn it into a little event!  

It suddenly hit me that service projects like that are a great thing to add into our summer plans! So the next week, here we are... The kids did great! They weren't thrilled of course, but I figured even if it was mostly us moms working (which it really wasn't!), it would still be a good example to the kids and maybe open their eyes to what's around them and the idea that THEY can help whenever they see trash laying somewhere. Such a fun afternoon project!

I had promised a cold treat afterward!

 And then the kids played!

Just might do this one again!


Mary said...

Great idea! And look at those teeter totters!

Jules said...

What a wonderful way to teach your children by example! Very few people actually go through with these kinds of ideas. How wonderful it would be if more did!! I love this post! ♥