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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I started something last week, and now that we're back from the weekend it continues again!

Whenever I notice the house is really starting to get messy again (usually multiple times a day), I get a wooden spoon and rattle it around inside Eli's pot, and everyone knows that means it's time to drop what you're doing and do a "5-minute pickup"! I set the kitchen timer and we all race around like crazy people as we put everything back in its proper place. Shoes back to the kitchen, cups back in the fridge, toys back to the play room, books back on the shelves, diapers in the trash, and clothes in the laundry, plus any other miscelleous items. We all have fun, and it's AMAZING to see how much you can get done in just 5 minutes (actually, we're usually done in 3!) As soon as the timer starts beeping, even Eli says, "Aww, it looks so nice now!"

Now if Hannah actually participated I would consider making it a contest. Whoever I think got the most done gets a sticker on a chart. Once you get 10 stickers, you get a small treat.

I love this new clean-up routine! We usually do this about twice a day, however much the house needs it, and usually vacuum afterward one of the times. It makes clean-up a game instead of just being like "Okay kids, it's time to pick up toys," and then they just poke along as they go. This is a fun way to actually get my toddler to pick up the speed a bit!


Amy said...

Ooo, we do this too, it's a life saver, esp. before daddy comes home at the end of the day and Em loves it!

The Fischer Family said...

This is a great idea! I have been getting so frustrated with the amount of cleaning lately, and feeling like I'm the only one doing it! I'll have to give this a try!

Leaving the hospital said...
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The Chase Family said...

Great idea Sarah! I'll have to keep this in mind as Xander gets older and can participate (a little ways off at this point). For now, it would be an easy thing for me to start doing!

Rae Lynne