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Friday, August 13, 2010

And we're off!!

Well, almost.  The van is loaded and the suitcase is almost packed.  Just got to bring a stash of diapers, refill my bag, throw together the toiletries, wait for the kids to get up, get them dressed, feed the baby, figure out a quick breakfast, gather everyone's pillow, blankies, stuffed animals, load up the cooler, and THEN we're off!  To sunny skies Colorado with my family--brother, SIL, and my parents.  Staying at a campground--cabins with AC, bathroom, and kitchenette. Planning on doing lots of swimming, mini golfing, paddle boating, bumper boating, parks, and a lil' hiking!  Going to be SO FUN!  Can't wait to tell you about it when we get back!!  Love to you, dear readers!!


Simple Life said...

Hope you have a great time! Enjoy your family!

The Fischer Family said...

Yea...have a great trip!!!

Stacey said...

I hope you are having fun in Colorado! I'm sure you are! Can't wait to see your pics! You are a great photographer. Thank you for your prayers.

God bless,