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Saturday, August 7, 2010


... watched my kids so I could shower and then run some quick errands in town
... took me and the kids out to lunch
... stained our picnic table {as in with a paint brush on purpose}
... sanded all the wood filler spots in our dining room trim
... {terrifyingly so} freed a suffering frog stuck in the siding of our garage
... helped me feel motivated to completely clean out and vacuum our van in prep for vacation next week
... fed the baby his dinner tonight
... washed the dishes
... bathed all my children

AMAZING. Love you, Mom! Thank you SO MUCH!!!


Angie said...

Aren't moms the best? So thankful for mine this weekend too! And so glad for you to have had yours around as well! May we leave similar legacies with our children as our moms are leaving with us!

Holly said...

Yep, she really is THAT awesome!! Seriously, I am always learning so much from all of you and am so thankful to God for bringing me into a family that really loves and cares for one another. I've never really known what that was like and I am blessed by all of you so much!! I LOVE YOU BROWNS AND GROTHS!!!!!!

Kathy said...

When my kids were little my parents used to live very far away and I always LOVED it when Mom came to visit b/c she'd do so many of those same types of things and she loved doing them. It's such a blessing, isn't it?! =)

Sharon said...

How sweet. :)
This post makes me miss living near my mom.

Be Strong in the Lord said...

Moms have a way of just stepping in and making things better. Kind of like when we scrapped our knees when we were kids, and they knew just what to do. I'm so glad yours made it all better today.