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Monday, August 2, 2010

I am a slothful woman.

The last couple readings I've done in Created to Be His Help Meet have been really convicting me on how lousy I am at being productive with my time. Read this, this spoke directly to me. How 'bout anybody else??

"Modern inventions have provided a way for a woman to stay at home and still not be a keeper at home. We can sit at home in body while traveling in spirit by means of the telephone and the computer...'keeping the home' is more than staying at home; it is having a heart that is fixed on the home." (p212)

I am so guilty of checking email and Facebook way too often. I crave the social interaction with others and right now in life, it's mostly through a computer. Yet as much as I crave that, my focus should be elsewhere... my HOME. Why is that so hard??

Probably because when the children are actually playing happily or they're napping and there is finally FINALLY a quiet moment in the day, chores are boring. Every day the same things. And before it's done it's already undone! {You know what I'm talking about.} How can I get more excited about it? Or maybe not EXCITED, but joyful and diligent. I know, I know, there are several verses about working as serving the Lord, not being idle, and the like, but I just can't snap to it!

Then I read this today and it nagged on me again!

"All the key words in Proverbs 31 are action words... In the end, it is the woman's work that speaks of her worth." (p221) Well, I still think our attitude speaks VOLUMES too, and the way we react to things and care for our children. Which oh I need to get better with that too!!

But read on...

"A slothful woman is wasteful by not taking care of things in a timely manner, therefore causing her goods to be damaged. {you mean mildewed because it sat in the wash too long, or stained because I let it sit too long before being treated, or molded because we didn't eat something soon enough? Ugh!} A slothful woman wastes her time and often the time of her friends. {not so much my friends' time, I don't think, but I definitely waste my time!} A lazy woman puts off a job, saying it can be done tomorrow... {Oh I NEVER leave the dishes for the next day! ha!} The portrait painted here of this good woman [in Prov. 31] is that of a diligent worker." {sigh}

It's just so hard to find balance in this season of life. I am NOT one of those ladies who will stress so much about getting things DONE that she doesn't relax and enjoy her family. I have no problems leaving the dishes 'til the next day because instead I'm enjoying a nice evening with my husband. Or if I'm playing Legos or building train tracks with the kids, I don't get laundry put away. But at the same time, I do need to get my butt in gear, and just DO my chores, follow my cleaning schedule so I'm limiting what needs to be done that day, so then I can relax and enjoy my family {and "clean" house} without feeling guilty like I should be doing something instead! Anyone else relate??

So how can I help myself focus??
1. Set rules about computer time and stick to it.
2. Get school things printed the night before so everything's ready for the next day's lessons instead of spending time in the early morning still scrounging things together.
3. FOLLOW my cleaning chart.
4. Pray for God to change my heart about homemaking.

SO with that being said, it's 10:30pm, Kevin's working nights, and I still have dishes that need washed, a living room that needs cleaned up, and muddy clothes that need dealt with. I'm off!!


Becky Goerend said...

Russ and I are really convicted about our computer time lately. We are going to try to keep it just to when H naps or is asleep for the night... and I just made a weekly cleaning schedule to keep us accountable for our chores. I understand what a struggle it is...I've had maternity leave and summer being a sahm, and God bless you for doing it!

Mary said...

I fully agree with you. Housework is boring and I check FB and email often to stay connected and make sure I don't miss something. But I can do that if I check it once a day like the mailbox right? I think that's the thing about FB... it's structured in a way to lure so many people in. Addictive games, photos, gossip, etc... Satan is roaming freely right? What a great post. And we have the knowledge so why can't we put it into practice? It's right up there with working out and eating right. Why can't we just do what is GOOD for us?! Oh to be more disciplined. How I am a sinner who needs Jesus more than ever as I raise my family.

Kathy said...

I am right here with ya Sarah! Your post has me thinking and feeling quite convicted too. I read CTBHHM many years ago but maybe I need a refresher course! Thanks for sharing!

Be Strong in the Lord said...

First, let me say, "Great post."

I struggle every day with being a wise manager of my home and time. I think that is what the Proverbs 31 woman was. She was not slothful, but she wasn't super human either. She managed her time well.

There is evidence when reading that chapter of Proverbs that her family esteemed her. Her children thought favorabley of her. So, I think she would be one to take time to play legos [or play in the wadding pool (as I do with my neices instead of doing the Monday night - that's when I keep them - chores] with her kids her kids. Her husband, also, thought highly of her, and as I read it I think I detect that he had an emotionl connection to her and a soft spot in his heart for her. I don't think it was just because she brought in income, kept the house, and took care of the kids. Yes, she probably mended his clothes and did all those things, and yes, she was a pillar of the community that made him look good, but she also had to have taken time to cuddle with him and meet him on a personal level to do him so much good and for the bible to speak like he had a soft spot for her.

I guess I speak all this to say that while I think we need to be wise managers of our time, I don't think that includes all work.

Yes, work on not being slothful. Evaluate your time and how you are using it. If God convicts you of specific areas where you need to improve, ask Him how to trim them and then obey what He tells you. But, I believe, the talk of balance is the key.

I love the talk that you do of spending time playing with your kids and loving on your husband. You are such an encouragement to me and probably to many other women. Let me encourage you that as you seek God to order you life and manage your time, He will lead and He will help you to be joyful in every aspect of it... including keeping your house.

I have been doing a study of joy in my verses of the week for this summer. Amazing, encouraging truths have come out as I have looked at all the verses with the word joy in them that speak a promise.

Keep studying... keep seeking God... and keep seeking to be balanced in the management of your time... And... be encouraged... I'll think of you and pray for you as I struggle to keep my life in balance and be a wise manager of my home and resources.

crystal said...

So true Sarah! I feel so lazy after reading this. :) Like right now, I am on the computer instead of doing my dishes or vacuuming. And FB is so addicting....I have seriously considered deleting my account on there...but then I will think that no, I need FB to keep up with so and so because they dont have any other way to keep up with me....but Then I find myself stopping every chance I get and getting on there....and end up spending way longer than neccessary. Thank you for posting this and for making me think... And thank you for the verses in the next post!!!!! Now I am off to go make a list of all that needs done and get it done :)


Anonymous said...

WOW...me, too!! All of the above and more I can think of. :( You have given some great verses and now, while the kids are still napping, I am off to make a list of chores. I can't do much right now because, as you know, I just fell while mopping! (But, lest I sound like a domestic goddess, I have not mopped all week...ewwww..yuck!!)

Thanks, girl!!! Love your honesty!
Love you!!