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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Aug. 9

My lists are going to be long today, guys. This is vacation style planning so as you know there's always much to do to get ready!

Bible Study...
Created to Be His Help Meet (almost through this!)

Memory Verse... John 3:30
"He must become greater; I must become less."

Husband Encouragement...
* early bedtime
* clean up the kitchen (it's the first room he sees when he gets home)

Train Them Up...
* Finish up one last school lesson for Letter G week and so some other fun craft/project
* Eli and Hannah - bedtime battles
* Hannah - work on the potty
* Carter - make him baby food, add something green into his diet {so far he's done bananas, sweet potatoes, and applesauce}

Personal Goals...
* Pick out a magazine or something I might enjoy reading in our car ride.

New Habit of the Month...
*get up before the kids.
* progress report: I've actually been able to do this a few times. I'm contemplating switching to morning shower instead of night shower just to help motivate myself to get up. We'll see. Last week wasn't much success because Kevin was working nights so I was staying up too late. Need to do better about that this week.
* JULY habit: completely clean off the couches at the end of the day
* JUNE habit: wipe down bathroom counter nightly

MUST Do...
* call Moppet workers. must MUST do this!!
* mail out Eli's thank you notes. He did such a great job making them I've been slow to send them away because I like looking at them. =)
* write Grandma and Grandpa a thank you
* arrange a Netflix movie for the kids
* get kids' maps and car games/toys together for vacation
* mow the lawn (ugh, not sure WHEN I'm going to do this because it's going to be so HOT this week and the only "free" time I have is in the early afternoon when the kids are napping aka when it's the very hottest in the day
* make baby food
* go to Walmart for some vacation things
* wash all the laundry, ALL the laundry!

* well, I thought it was going to be the van this week in prep for our vacation Friday, but I already got it done! completely cleaned out and vacuumed! So this week I'll work on the living room, particularly the end table area.

Menu - not a priority this week so we'll do easy stuff

M - breakfast burritos, toast, fruit
T - (Bible study) sandwich wraps, carrots, raw potato
W - Italian chicken, seasoned veggies, fruit
Th - pizza

* New windows {for dining room and bathroom} getting installed today!
* Play date at the park Tuesday
* Bible study Tuesday night
* Leaving for Colorado vacation on Friday!! Will be gone, driving back Tuesday. I'm sooo excited! My parents, brother and SIL, and us are all going, staying at a campground with tons of fun things to do just right there!

3 things I'm thankful for today...
1. A fun weekend with family while Kevin was gone {visiting his sister in MN}. I got some fabric and decor for bathroom and found some fabric for dining room but need to measure first before buying it.
2. Kevin's home!! So good to have him back!
3. Getting some new windows today! Will look beautiful!

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Be Strong in the Lord said...

I hope you all enjoy your vacation. Isn't the week before so exciting? Enjoy.