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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Answer Me This: Kids Movies

Okay peeps, I need some advice. We're leaving for our vacation to Colorado on Friday. Something like a 9 hour drive. I'm actually not too worried about the kids in the car at all, but we probably will do one movie with them in the van along the way and then on the way back. I can pick one Netflix movie to arrive before then but want your suggestions on what they might like. Of course they love Lightning McQueen but it would it be fun to do something different besides that. They get scared at pretty much any PG movie. Is there anything G-rated that they would love?? Besides SHOWS like Thomas n such. Do they even make G-rated movies anymore?? LOL Anyway, what are some of your favorite kid movies??

UPDATE: So I'm browsing Netflix right now and I see that yes, indeed, G-rated movies are still being made. I'm actually surprised at some of the movies rated at that, because I know my kids would still cry at those! Sheesh!

Some movies I'm considering:
The Tale of Despereaux
The Princess and the Frog
The Incredibles
Horton Hears a Who

I dunno, that' all I got so far. What are your ideas/suggestions??


~Amanda said...

My kids get scared of the kid movies too, and while they loved The Princess and the Frog, we had to skip through many parts...many, many parts. Honestly, I bet we skipped at least 1/3 of the movie. They both love the movie Horton Hears a Who - that's one I would have suggested. I don't think we ever had to skip through any tracks on that one. Another great one is Nemo - but start on track 3, because the first two tracks are scary and the mom dies. As aweful as it sounds, my kids love the Care Bears movie - The Big Wish. Nothing scary about the Care Bears!

Having said all that, I would say Toy Story! I like Toy Story 2 better than Toy Story 1, because I think that Sid boy is scary in the first one. Toy Story 2 is probably my all time favorite kids movie, and definitely my kids' favorite too!

alisha said...

We have Horton Hears a Who, it was given as a Christmas gift and we just got it out a few weeks ago. I haven't actually sat down and watched the whole thing, but it seems pretty cute and doesn't seem scary.

My kids also like the movie Up and the Curious George movie.

The Chase Family said...

Those are all good shows - that even Justin & I love. Xander LOVES Wall-E. I know there are some scarier moments at the end of the movie (when the ship tilts) but it's mostly a lot of noise and little robots running around.

Becky Goerend said...

Here's a list of G-rated movies: http://www.ducksoftware.com/movies/gratedmovies.html

Some good ones I see are: Monsters Inc., Land Before Time, American Tail, The Fox and the Hound...lots of good ones. Hope that helps!

Mary said...

DEF NOT Princess and the Frog! Very intense and scary. Not appropriate at all for your aged kids!
I would recommend Hermie or Bug's Life even. Great for boys and girls. Or Curious George.
I saw The Incredibles but that was for older kids too.
Didn't see the other two. Although TOD reminds me of Ratouille... that was cute.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Awesome, I love hearing your advice! How in the world is Princess and the Frog G-rated then?! The kids have seen Horton several times, but it's on our computer. I think they've seen Wall-E but thought it was boring. They've seen Incredibles maybe a year ago and were scared then but don't know how they'd do now. Were scared of Monster Inc. Were also scared of Up (because of the boy dangling from the balloons and the scary dogs). Maybe Curious George movie or Toy Story 2 then.

S Club Mama said...

I will warn you that I've heard no good things about Princess and the Frog - scary.

The Incredibles may be ok. Tale of Despereaux is pretty tame. And so is Horton Hears a Who.

Other movies Tristan likes: Fox and the Hound, Bambi, the Rescuers.

If you want shows there's Blue's Clues and Little Bear and Elmo's World.

Do you want to borrow something?

~Amanda said...

My kids love the Curious George movie too! I'll throw another vote in for that one. Nothing scary in that one. They both giggle through the whole thing! I love watching them watch the movie. Aiden loves the music in it (I think it's all Jack Johnson maybe?), and Preston loves anything Curious George. It is pretty cute.

My kids are scared of Monsters Inc too, and never made it through the first few minutes of Fox and the Hound. They love Up, but only if we skip the scary tracks, leaving out all of the dog scenes and the part where the bad guy is chasing them on the outside of the plane. It is a cute movie though!

I'm trying to remember Bug's Life...I think the thing my kids didn't like about it were how the ants rejected the ant that is the main character of the movie.

Bethany said...

Curious George movie is a great idea and so is Monsters Inc and both Toy Story movies. My kids love a lot of the old movies too like Herbie and Mary Poppins. My kids watched half of the Princess and the Frog while being babysat and I didn't know it. I have heard of so many kids getting nightmares from it that I wouldn't let mine watch the rest. It is full of voodoo. Let us know what you pick :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Alright, I think I'm gonna do Curious George movie then. I didn't really even know there WAS one until you guys mentioned it! So thank you!

Abbey said...

Hey Sarah! I definitely concur - my kids love the Curious George movie - they also make a Curious George 2! :)

Darla said...

I wonder if it's too late. I'll chime in anyway...and do you know about redbox? You can pick one up in your state, make the drive and drop it off at one in CO when you arrive. It's only $1 per day...anyhoo...
Princess & the Frog (scary, and lots of evil voodoo stuff I had to skip, because I didn't want them to see it) - my opinion, skip it.

Despereaux is cute, it holds Kenna's attention completely, but not Brooks'.

Incredibles - holds Kenna's attention, not Brooks

Horton - they were both so-so on it, I loved it:-)

They LOVE any veggie tales, Toy Story, G-force, Robin Hood (disneys), WallE, Shrek & Monsters Inc.

In Light of the Truth... said...

We love Redbox and used it all the time in CT but now the closest one is half hour away. Never thought about picking up one along the way and dropping it off once we got there! Now good grief, what were they thinking when they made Princess and the Frog?! I haven't heard anything good about it from any of you guys! What's Voodoo??

Mary said...

I came back to see what you picked! haha!
Voodoo is like witchcraft. Movie is set in New Orleans. The bad guy is the Shadowman and he does voodoo. Evil shadows chase down the frog. Kind of like the eels in Little Mermaid but creepier to me. They collect the prince's blood in a vile.
The ONLY good thing about this movie is the music. It's amazing! I bought the soundtrack but won't watch the movie again while the kids are young. Many sexual references too. Didn't like that at all.
Another series of movies that are great are the Barbie movies. Hannah would like them. 12 Dancing Princesses is a safe one. There is a mean lady but she's mean like the mother in Cinderella. Def easy for the wee ones to handle.
My kids watch many movies but I am sensitive to what they watch. Don't want them to get nightmares!
Safe travels!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Evil shadows? Collecting blood? Sounds super scary for little ones!

Barbie movie... oh I think I remember seeing a preview about that somewhere. Yes, Hannah would love it! Thanks! =)

Asia said...

wow! Jazzlyn just turned 4 but she loves to watch Franklin, Little Bear, Carebears, mickey mouse clubhouse and the oldschool cartoon versions as well.She loved the film Robots when she was 2-3 which is amazing because she understands it so well but you should screen it first. Also the Princess & The Frog was disturbing for sure and I would never let her see it because nothing Good comes from that film. I don't even like that scary man so I stopped watching it in the beginning. There is a book I bought 3 years back called The Gospel of Disney and I am referring back to it to gain full understanding of these Disney films.