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Monday, August 9, 2010

Decorating, sneak peek

While Kevin was gone for the weekend, I planned my own fun things. I met my mom in Omaha on Saturday and we did some fabric shopping while my brother and SIL took Eli to the train museum {as his birthday present}. I was in search for fabric for the bathroom curtains and dining room curtains. But first we stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up the color flowers I was wanting, so I knew what we'd be matching to. We still had my two youngest and let me tell you, a fabric store is one of THE. WORST places for my kids to go to. The carts are tiny so I can't pile them all in like I like to do. And it just takes me too long to slowly look through everything, and the kids are just unable to wait patiently for that. Even Carter, who doesn't nap while we're out anymore, started to get really cranky. So I'm VERY THANKFUL my mom was there with me to help with the kids so I could poke around!! In the end here is what I found...

a picture of the bathroom (new window will be getting installed today)one of the flowers, didn't have time to find a big vasethe fabric. (doesn't it match the flowers beautifully?! the swirls even have a little sparkle in them. the background is chocolate brown)
I did find a possible fabric for the dining room, but I need to measure our windows and bring the paint swatch with me just to make sure it matches before buying. I'm getting excited to see these rooms look a little more finished!!


~Amanda said...

Gorgeous fabric! A perfect match to the flower, for certain!

crystal said...

Sarah that is beautiful!!!! I think it is going to be so lovely!!! Cant wait to see what it looks like finished and what the dining room is going to look like!!!!


Life in the Valley said...

beautiful fabric!! I look forward to seeing the finished product!