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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The goings on. {Random}

* Hannah does little scribbles on paper and truly thinks she's writing her name. I love it.
* I had to confiscate the markers.  Too many open markers laying all over all the time, and now there is marker on the carpet.  Thankfully it's the play room, and I don't care too much. But still.
* I just pulled out Eli's old bin of 9-12 month clothes and it looks like Carter will fit a lot of them for the next couple months anyway while we still have hot/warm weather.  How can Little Man be growing up SO FAST!
* I'm getting excited about fall shows returning soon.  Though I'll probably have to watch via Internet the day after because ABC likes to quit out on me when I do choose to watch something which really isn't very often.
* These cool mornings have been AMAZING!  Wish I could get out for more walking!
* Little Man has been waking up really early lately.  Between 5:30 and 6am early.  Not cool.  But I either feed him right away in hopes that he'll go BACK to sleep or I leave him be and he plays til a normal time.
* I've been super unmotivated lately.  I have great goals but my follow-through is terrible.  Why is self-discipline SO. HARD.?!
* Eli's in preschool.  I love it.  Totally love it.  I feel-like-a-new-woman love it.  =)
* Tea parties are fun.  I hope that even when my kids are grown I will continue to have tea parties.
* We just got a new windshield put on the van on Thursday afternoon.  Saturday morning it was cracked all the way through the middle again.  Not cool.
* Now Kevin used his one day off to go back to Omaha to have them re-do it. Again.
* Carter crawls across the room to climb in the my lap now.  It's so cute.
* I'm getting anxious for our dining room and bathroom and bedroom to be complete.  But I have NO DESIRE to do it myself.  We need to paint and stain trim and sew a bunch of curtains.  Anyone wanna do it???  Anyone??
* Okay, going to attempt to go offline until the kids' naptime.  Adios!

What's been going on at your house lately??


S Club Mama said...

speech therapy, job searching...waiting, waiting, waiting - fun right?

Kathy said...

I am SO with you on the self discipline! Trying SO hard to 'be good' and eat healthy and make time for exercise but sadly it's so incredibly hard to follow through!

Anonymous said...

I want to come sew and paint with you! (And have a tea party, too!)
I'm hoping I get to see you soon, my friend...