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Thursday, August 19, 2010

T - 4 Days

...til Eli starts preschool! 
...til I start toting all the kids back and forth from town twice a day, three days a week.
...til I start having to finagle Carter's morning nap so he can hopefully stay awake 'til we get back home.
...til I either go grocery shopping with just two kids, or have to rearrange my grocery schedule.
...til I get to spend loads of one-on-one time with Hannah.  {I'm thinking of doing tea time with her.}
...til I can maybe officially do potty training with Hannah, maybe.  =)
...til Eli gets to really be a big boy and have something to be so proud of!

I'm so excited and anxious and nervous!  A whole new life is coming.  T - 4 days!


jaesi said...

so...ive been meaning to ask- wanna car pool? (maybe when the boys are comfortable with going)

You can pick up- and Ill drop off?
I dont mind at all that you live in the middle of nowhere :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Sure. I don't mind. Car seat-wise how would it work??