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Saturday, January 19, 2008

36 weeks

Haven't posted a pregnancy pic on this blog for quite some time, so here ya go. I took this today...


paul said...

There's a baby in there!! I still think that is amazing.

Joanne said...

I found you through 'Chats with an Old Lady'...loved perusing your blog. I especially enjoyed your 100 things. I just love those kinds of posts, don't you?

The picture of you with your precious gift is just beautiful. It feels like just yesterday when I was building up my own family.

Blessings, Joanne

BellaMama said...

Looking great!! Keep up with your exercise (if minimum of stretching) and nutritional regimen & you'll be soooo glad you did after you have babygirl!!
My earliest duedate is in 8 weeks and I'm getting so excited!! I'll be praying for you, enjoy the last bit of time with your son--there's so much to look forward to!!
Many Blessings to you!! Mrs. C.

According to HIS Power said...

WOW, Sarah! You look great! :o) I always spread out and have a big belly, too. I don't know why, I never gain over 20 lbs. Anyway, hope you are feeling okay! Talk to you later,

Love, Julie

Living Beyond said...

You look really good lady - exciting days ahead!!!

Sharon said...

You look GREAT! Your face still looks so thin. Lucky. lol. I always get huge chipmunk cheeks!
I'm so excited for you.