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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Go read this...

It's a quiet Saturday morning. Kevin's on night shift through the weekend, so he is now sleeping the morning away. Eli's napping. And here I sit with a cup of hot tea, browsing the weekly devotions I missed earlier in the week. And somehow I stumbled across this blog "Holy Experience". I recognize it as a place I've been before, but today it was especially refreshing and a place I needed to be. One of her posts was especially uplifting. Though I've heard this type of devotion done before, today I needed to hear it again. And I'm telling you, go read it too! Be blessed!

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~Java Mama~ said...

Sarah, thank you for this link. I stumbled upon Holy Experience about 3 years ago and I have been continually encouraged by Anne's amazing gift of expressing herself through her words. God has used her so many times to gently guide me, rebuke me, encourage me and convict me in this journey and each time I leave with peaceful thoughts of my calling.

JOYfully in Him,