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Friday, January 25, 2008

Family Focus Friday: Vacation

At least for me, it's getting to be the time of year when I long to get outside but with it being so cold, there's just not much to do. So, I thought this week could take a mental vacation and talk about your favorite trips you've taken, things you've done, and things you want to do in the future with your family.

A couple weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary. And while it's my goal (#59) to make each anniversary unique for 3 years, we ended up not doing anything besides eating out at Cheesecake Factory. We're outdoors people and our favorite things to do together are summer activities, like hiking, camping, sitting by a fire pit, kayaking, etc, and being so close after Christmas, the first week in January is not the time of year when we can really afford much of any activity. So instead, we've decided to save the money we put in our fun pot to use during the summer for a little anniversary celebration then....

Since we will have two kids and no one to watch them for an entire weekend, this so-called anniversary celebration will really just be a family event this year. And that's okay too. At least it's something special and not just another day. Another goal I have (#46) is to take the family to Vermont. We're moving from this beautiful New England area this fall, so we're running out of time! But we'll do it! The "pot money" is going to build up for a camping trip this summer. We're hoping that Eli will be old enough to sleep someplace besides his crib or pack n play (since he'll be transferred to his toddler bed by then) but Baby Girl will still be young enough to sleep right next to us at times. We'd love to camp in a tent, but if they're just not ready for that yet, then we'll rent the most basic cabin we can find. Any way that we can just go. It doesn't have to be an action-packed weekend. That's not really our style. But we do want to go hiking, see some waterfalls, visit some sites. So that's the vacation we are dreaming up right now. (and if you know of great things to see in Vermont, let me know, cuz we have nothing planned yet!)

Being in the military and living so far from family, we haven't gotten to take real family vacations. "Vacation" is just going back home to see family once or twice a year (not that that's not great in itself, but you don't know what I mean). So we're very much looking forward to getting out of the Navy this fall, moving back "home", and starting a whole new kind of life! And when we can go on real vacations, here are some of the places we'd love to go: Colorado, Washington state, Grand Canyon, Alaska, California, Maine, Jamaica.

What's the most memorable/fun vacation that you've taken with your family/spouse? What are some places you'd love to go? Let your mind wander, and dream big!

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Shane Belceto said...

Wow what a great blog and YES DREAM BIG!!!!!!!

My wife and I did the same thing since ours was Dec. 9th and looks like we will do camping too or a B&B for one night here in our local area. We love camping though and would get more out of that too.

Having lived in WA all my life I know you ahve a great dream to come this way ... you will wish to bring your tent on this trip Any suggestions on locations just let me know I have camped all over the state both sides of the cascades since before I could walk.

Our Dream vacation of the past was being able to take our girls 8 and 5 to Disney World where I got to introduce them for the first tiem to my pal Mickey. That was May of 06 and too long ago .. thus we are setting up a trip to CA for the first time with them this June ... the girls agreed to get no birthday gifts this year and have the trip as a gift to help with cost. We are so excited ... I can't even sit still typing this.

Disney is and always will be my Dream vacations and Iw ill take all I can there. However I do also dream to visit where my grandma was born and raised till WWII in Birmingham UK along with where Belceto comes from Italy or some where in that area. Plus my kids tell us they will take their parents on dream trips when they are older ... Oldest says Tahiti and youngest says Hawaii.

Wow I had a lot to say sheesh sorry for rambling ... great blog thank YOU for sharing!

Expect Miracles...

Angie said...

"Only 22 DAYS LEFT!" Wow! Sarah...I am praying for you! I am sending you an e-mail today for this upcoming event in your life!
Now, don't hate me....and I know you're busy....but I was tagged---I avoided it all year last year....wouldn't participate in these, but I felt like I should do this ONE and ONLY meme. So I tag you. And if you have a chance participate...or just hit me. Yes with a ball bat. It's ok.
Love you girl!