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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's taken me awhile to get back into the swing of things after the holiday n such, so I think this is my first Thankful Thursday post for the new year! I started the year off in a bit of a slump and being a grump, but we've turned a corner and this week is a new week, and it's been a good one!

* I am thankful for new beginnings and fresh starts.

* I am thankful for sunny, 50-degree weather in January!

* I am thankful for stroller class. After several weeks off, the winter session just started this week, and it makes such a huuuge positive difference in my life to have something on our schedule to get us out of the house on a regular basis. I love the walking and I love the ladies! It's a great time!

* I am thankful that Eli is finally getting into a new routine now. I'm a person who very much needs a schedule and structure to our day, so I'm glad that we'll be having that again now that he's officially switching to just one nap a day now.

* I am thankful for my bloggy friends who were soooo encouraging as I worked through my slump.

* I am thankful for 3 wonderful years of marriage to my hubby! We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday. (Well, actually since he's working 4pm-4am this week, we won't actually be celebrating until he's off this shift and can actually do something together!)

* I am thankful for many phone calls from great friends this week! With all this quiet time in the evenings I've had a lot of time to catch up with those back home!

* I am thankful that pregnancy continues to go well. With only 5.5 weeks to go I'm still feeling really great, sleeping well, and getting prepared for Baby Girl's arrival!

For more thankful Thursday posts, visit Lynn who is so kindly hosting this week!


Speaking from the Heart said...

Thank you for sharing. It is so nice to be able to connect with Christian Moms via blogs.

Hope your pregnancy continues to go well.

Love Bears All Things said...

A wonderful list. January is a tough month for me too. I'm glad you're feeling better. Sounds like things are going well. Congrats on your anniversary. Have a great week.
Mama Bear

Denise said...

Thanks for a sweet list, praying for you.

Angie said...

Sweet Sarah, I have had you on my heart with all the new changes for you and Eli. I am glad things are a bit smoother....and they will continue...until little *smile* girl arrives...then you will start all over!!!

Cheryl said...

What a sweet heart you have. Good luck on the new arrival! I'm sure you are so excited. You have such a nice TT list. Thanks for sharing.

BP said...

I enjoyed your post! I will come back to visit. I like meeting other Christian SAHM. My little boy is three.

Lynn said...

Hi Sarah,

So glad you turned the corner and came back to TT.

I always love reading praises for husbands. Thanks for sharing your heart with me. Have a fantastic week. Happy New Beginnings. God is good!