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Thursday, January 3, 2008

6 weeks and counting...

...Or something like that. Until Baby Girl's arrival!! Now that Christmas is over I've finally gotten busy getting things organized. Once Baby Girl outgrows the bassinet in our room and is mostly sleeping through the night, the two kids will be sharing a room until we move in the fall. So I've been busy organizing Eli's room--the dresser, closet, and toys (since we got more at Christmas). I wish I had some "before" pictures to show you of Eli's room and closet. But I'm pretty excited at how it's looking now! I was planning on buying a second dresser and just putting it in the closet, but at this time of year I was really looking to avoid making that purchase, and I came up with an even better solution! Eli will share the dresser and closet, so each child gets two drawers and half the closet. And for additional storage for burp cloths, bibs, towels, washcloths, and sheets I got a medium-sized plastic drawer system from Target. It's just the right amount of space and doesn't take up nearly as much of the closet. The bottom shelf of the changing table used to hold stacks of blankets, but I've moved those to a laundry basket in the closet and put toys (puzzles n such) on that shelf instead. And since I don't have a big dresser in the closet I was able to squeeze in a hamper for Baby Girl. (I'd like each person to have their own hamper and laundry day. Just makes things easier.) So now all that's really left is to move the rocking chair downstairs and find a toddler bed for in its place. But that can wait just a bit longer. Once we move the rocking chair out, we won't have nighttime snuggles with Eli, and I will really miss that. So for now we'll just enjoy it. I'm also working on sewing a quilt for Eli's new bed. He won't transition to that until a month or two after the baby, but I imagine I won't so much have time to sew then, so that's why I'm getting it done now. It gives me a project to work on during this long month of January anyway, as I'm sure I'll be getting quite antsy and restless as the due date approaches!

Newly organized closet with basket of blankets, storage drawers, and hamper.
Left side is for Eli, right side is for Baby Girl.
Toys on bottom shelf now.
The toddler bed will go where the chair and space heater are.
Just another room shot.
Notice the ABC wall hangings I made.


Michelle said...

I have the same crib, and now that Connor is old enough it's now a daybed. The room looks great...

According to HIS Power said...

What a great looking room, Sarah! :o) Can't wait to see pictures of the baby and to find out her name! I am still hoping she is born on the 15th, Claire's birthday! lol. I am praying for you these last weeks.

Love, Julie