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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting Organized

Amy had a list of her things she had to do before their baby Sarah arrived. So I'm going to follow in her steps and get my list going! I can't believe the time is almost here!

  1. Find and set up toddler bed.
  2. Purchase toddler sheets.
  3. Finish quilt for toddler bed. completed 1/18/08
  4. Move rocking chair downstairs. completed 1/17/08
  5. Tidy up basement. (it's out of control again!) completed 1/19/08
  6. Pack away the latest of Eli's clothes that he's outgrown. completed 1/17/08
  7. Wash baby clothes, including bassinet bedding. completed 1/14/08
  8. Clean the car seat. completed 1/19/08
  9. Install infant car seat. completed 1/20/08
  10. Finish Eli's first-year memory book. completed 1/22/08
  11. Pack bags (lists are already made).completed 1/14/08
  12. Write up Eli's daily schedule. completed 1/14/08
  13. Order new baby carrier. completed 2/2/08
  14. Bring bassinet up from basement and put in our bedroom. completed 2/3/08
  15. Wash sheets and tidy up guest bedroom. completed 1/17/08
The list may continue to grow as I think of things. But hopefully I'll be checking things off at the same time! Just 5 and a half weeks to go! (or something like that)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, If you are looking for a toddler bed I see people giving them away on freecycle frequently. You have to sign up for freecycle and then you get offers by e-mail.
We decided with our kids it is a better investment to put them straight into a twin bed and it has worked out well. Micah was only 19 months old and with a bed rail he did fine. We'll be moving Caleb soon too! Have a good day :) Bethany