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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Husband Encouragement Challenge: DAY 20

Okay, time for me to purposefully think of positive things Kevin has done the last couple of days. I've been slacking lately, so here we go...
* Yesterday Kevin chose to put off Jeep maintenance so he could spend more time with the family.
* He helped clean up the house in preparation for the baby sitter.
* On Father's Day he chose not to play soccer so he could relax at home with us.
* He watched Eli for about 30 minutes yesterday so I could finish a phone conversation with a friend.
* He individually wrapped chicken for me for the freezer since he knows I hate doing it.
* Monday when I arrived at his softball game he was waiting for me to help carry all of our things.

Kevin is very thoughtful and a great helper, and he's always thinking of others above himself. And I'm so thankful for this challenge that has helped me to realize and appreciate all of Kevin's wonderful qualities! One thing I am going to do special for him today is encourage him to have time for himself and do that Jeep maintenance he put off yesterday, if wants to.

June 20--DAY 20

30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge
By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"And be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ also forgave you." Eph. 4:32

It's time for some heart examination. As you continue in this 30-day challenge, have you found any roots of bitterness that are contaminating your relationship with your husband? Do you understand that as long as you are unwilling to forgive your husband—by God's grace and in His power —you will not be able to encourage him? Your own resentment will keep getting in the way. Now is the time to deal with any unforgiving attitudes. Forgive him, even as God has forgiven you.

Is your husband a forgiving man? Does he keep short accounts of your problems? Express your thankfulness for such a man.

Does your husband—rightly or wrongly—harbor grudges against you? Again, are there things you need to change, or do you need to ask for his forgiveness for an offense? Help your husband be more forgiving by quickly forgiving him for his mistakes.

I don't think that I'm a person to really hold things against another. Kevin's never done anything so bad that I just could not get past it. For me once something's done, it's done. And I think that's the same for Kevin when it comes to me. At the end of the arguments we always say we're sorry, accept each other's apology, smooch, and carry on as if nothing ever happened.

I am so thankful that Kevin is such a forgiving man, for accepting me wholeheartedly each and every day despite the mistakes I make time and time again. And he's forgiving to others too. Imagine what our home would be like if he were to always bring in his bitterness over others. Instead, he brings control and peace and love. I blessed by this man, my husband.

Prayer: God of renewal, everywhere your Holy Spirit breathes new life into creation. As I undertake this day to bring glory to you by honoring my husband, I ask you to be present in my marriage. Guide me to know in which things I should ask forgiveness, in which things I should change, and in which things I should ask for the grace to let go. Show me new ways to respect my husband today and open my eyes to all that you have made him to be. I trust in your goodness and in the covenant my husband and I made with you and each other on our wedding day. Through Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.*

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Anonymous said...

Shawn usually only holds grudges for a very short period of time. Shawn always says there is no since in staying upset. He feels what good can it bring. Sometimes I just want some space, but then he usually comes me to start talking. Sometimes if we get in a tiff and I am the one getting upset, he'll just change the subject and try to act like nothing has happened!! I am usually the one to hold a grudge longer. Now with this challenge I have been trying to not be snappy and such. I think if I have an attitude then it will only bring conflict. If Shawn feels strongly about something, then he will try to convince me of his reasoning. I am thankful Shawn isn't like a typical woman and holds grudges for a while! He always tries to mends things together if we have a disagreement. I have really improved on not snapping so quickly. This has brought us less conflicts! **Positive things Shawn has done for me***

-Shawn mailed a package for me today, since he knew I wouldn't have the time.
-Yesterday, I wanted him to run with me to Walmart to pick up a few things and he didn't mind.
-Shawn got Henry a new cage/mat and got it ready for him...Henry wanted to "mark his spot" in the cage and hubby gladly cleaned it up.
-He made we sugar cookies for me the other night.
-He waited up for me the other night while I finished studying.

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I hit publish before I could check for spelling errors! Sorry!